Medical Vision has during the last years taken a leadership position in the Arthroscopy market, especially on the technical development. Through several revolutionary in-house developed innovations, we can safely say that we are the forerunner in the development of the Fluid Management market segment. Medical Vision has an extensive IP portfolio that protects the technical advantage over the competition.

Smart Vision

Smart Vision

The technology, branded as SmartVision , is a revolutionary solution to visibility problems during endoscopic surgery performed in conjunction with a fluid management system. When SmartVision is in use, the pump system detects substances that have influence on the visibility during surgery. The SmartVision® adjusts flow and pressure automatically in the operation site so that full visibility is maintained. The Medical Vision owned technology was invented by Mr. Sven Milton, Dr. Tomas Movin and Mr. Anders Möllstam in 2006 after extensive research, some of it in collaboration with Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

SmartVision gives the advantage of optimizing the pressure according to the visibility circumstances in the joint throughout the procedure. This results in a significantly lower average pressure and a shorter procedure time for the SmartVision controlled pump compared to any other pump1.

1 Data on file - Medical Vision AB.

Outflow Tracking

Outflow Tracking assist in keeping the joint distended when aggressive suction is used (i.e. when using the Shaver suction). This function regulates inflow to the surgery area to precisely replace liquid removed by the outflow. The result is a constant volume of fluid in the distended joint. This is especially important when using the suction from the Shaver, resulting in an otherwise collapsed cavity. The status of Outflow Tracking can be changed by pressing the Outflow Tracking button. Outflow Tracking function is available only when using both the irrigation and the suction feature of the pump, hence a Day and a Patient Cassette must be used.