Launch of Double Pump RF

Nacka, Sweden – May 3, 2012

Medical Vision AB today announced the launch of their new technology Double Pump RF, an arthroscopy pump that adjust flow and pressure automatically when a Shaver or a RF system is in use; Suction is simultaneously directed through the Shaver or RF handpiece . This technology helps orthopedic surgeons improve visualization but it also enables seamless integration with the other consoles in the arthroscopic tower, such as the Shaver and RF systems. An arthroscopic pump controls the flow of sterile fluids (Saline) through the joint, Double Pump RF can through two separate pressure sensors and a patented algorithm calculate the true pressure in the cavity.

Medical Vision AB launched its first version of arthroscopy pumps in 2008 and has since then further developed the concept of fluid management during an arthroscopic surgery. “We have been very focused and dedicated to this field for quite some time now which naturally gives us an advantage to our competitors. Our knowledge is profound and we have earned a good reputation on the market with our advanced products” says Anders Möllstam, the Managing Director at Medical Vision AB.

By using the double pump concept, the operator can control both the in- & out-flow of the fluids in the joint. It is fundamental to maintain a stable and high enough pressure level throughout the procedure to distend the joint space, minimize the blood flow into the joint and keep the vision clear. Therefore correctly measured pressure in the joint and automatically increased pressure (when needed) is a feature that have been proven to be crucial to get a sufficient fluid management administration. Double Pump RF can also work as an inflow only pump for simpler arthroscopies.

The new pump has the ability to communicate with an RF generator, allowing optimal pressure and flow settings during ablation in the joint.

Double Pump product family all has the patented and unique SmartVision® functionality, which truly makes the pump different to other available pumps on the market. When SmartVision® is in use, the pump system detects substances that have influence on the visibility during surgery. Then SmartVision® adjusts flow and pressure automatically in the operation site so that full visibility is maintained.

“With this improved product, we further strengthen our position as innovators in the field of fluid management” says Iohn Ryott, Director of Sales and Marketing at Medical Vision. He continues “It is important to bring new innovations to the market to continue to be the frontrunner in this field. We are still a small and upcoming company, we better use that advantage we have of acting and adjusting fast to the market needs”.

About Medical Vision AB

Medical Vision is a Swedish Medtech company founded in 2003 that develops, manufactures and markets medical devices that increase visualization during endoscopic surgery. The products are sold worldwide through partners and distributors. Medical Vision has during the last years taken a leading position in the development of the arthroscopy fluid management market. With several revolutionary in-house developed innovations, Medical Vision has a well-protected technical advantage to its competitors. Medical Vision manufactures its own branded pump, but also OEM-branded pumps.

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Launch of Double Pump RF

Nacka, Sweden – May 3, 2012

Medical Vision AB today announced the launch of their new technology Double Pump RF, an arthroscopy pump that adjust flow and pressure automatically when a...

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